SlimLine™ Posts & Rails


The SPF® SlimLine™ Posts and Rails were introduced into the fencing market in 1984. They provide a stylish and unobtrusive finish that gives you a much more attractive and neat appearance

The SlimLine™ framing system has a proven track record with over 14,000km installed across Australia and abroad. It’s designs are registered and the GramLine® brand is embossed on the Rails and Inkjet branded on the Channel Posts so you can be sure of receiving the genuine GramLine® products.

Features and Benefits

  • Stylish and unobtrusive giving your GramLine® fence a neater and attractive finish.
  • Universal Rail – designed to drain water from the bottom rail for optimal product life. The design eliminates the need for unsightly punched holes seen in other framing systems.
  • Designed with plastic caps to neatly finish the fence line, or finish the posts with decorative powder coated cast aluminium balls
  • Available in the full GramLine® Steel Privacy Fencing Colour Range


SPF® SlimLine™ Posts and Rails are made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.

SlimLine™ Posts & Rails


SPF® SlimLine™ Rail

  • A Universal Rail design used on the top and bottom of each panel. The design incorporates water drainage for optimal product life.
  • A Slim 50mm wide design that provides a sleek streamlined appearance.
  • Available in two lengths 2370mm and 3100mm long.
  • 3100mm Rails are NOT to be used for panels longer than 2370mm. This will void your warranty. 3100mm Rails are only suitable for slope down panels or cut down to make nominal 2 sheet panels and kit gates.

SPF® SlimLine™ Channel Post

  • SlimLine™ Channel Posts are installed back to back to form a composite post structure.
  • 50mm wide design works hand in hand with the rails for a sleek streamlined appearance.
  • Has a radius safety corner and is the thickest post of the major manufacturers.
  • Available in various length: 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm.
  • The thickest post of the major manufacturers.

Material Specifications

  • Both the SlimLine™ Rails and Channel Posts are made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSeal® coated steel.
  • Double Sided Colour.
  • SlimLine™ Rails are 0.8mm Base Metal Thickness.
  • SlimLine™ Channel Posts are 0.9mm Base Metal Thickness.

Product Specification

Please download our GramLine® Installation Guide.

SlimLine™ Posts & Rails


SlimLine™ Posts & Rails

GramLine® allows you to make more of a statement by adding either the Channel Post Double Fence Caps or the Decorative Aluminium Post Balls on top of your GramLine® Channel Post.


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