GramLat® 3D Lattice™

GramLat® 3D Lattice™ is the ONLY genuine double-sided, 3 Dimensional Prepainted Steel Lattice™ that was introduced into the market in 1999. The slats are rollformed into an exclusive profile that is an Australian registered product of GramLine® (Registration No. 141018S). The GramLine® brand is embossed on the lattice for peace of mind and traceability.

The GramLat® 3D Lattice™ panels matches the appearance of traditional timber lattice but has the advantages of being pre-painted, low maintenance and termite resistant and has the same life expenctancy as the privacy steel fence.

GramLat® 3D Lattice™, comes in a variety of standard widths and heights that can be used in a variety of applications:

  • In between brick infill’s
  • Decorative friezes
  • Privacy screens
  • Around pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Balconies

There are two framing option for the GramLat® 3D Lattice™:
1. Lattice Edge Covers – covers the sharp edges of the Lattice creating safety. It is mostly used for decorative friezes.

2. SlimLine™ framing system – consist of the SlimLine™ channel post & rails. It is the ultimate solution creating a heavy duty frame.


The GramLat® 3D Lattice™ is available in the full GramLine® Steel Privacy Fencing colour range. It’s unique design gives you the opportunity to purchase single or dual colour slats to complement the style and colour scheme of any home.

GramLat® 3D Lattice™ are made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.

GramLat® 3D Lattice™


GramLat® 3D Lattice™ is available from 300mm high to 1200mm high in 150mm increments with three standard length; 2355mm, 2715mm, 3076mm. We can also cut to the desired length required
View GramLat® 3D Lattice™ sizes chart.


Material Specifications

  • Made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.
  • Slats are 40mm wide x 12.5mm thick which are clenched together to fit neatly into our rails.
  • Diagonal spacing between the slats is 45mm, 28% visibility.
  • The cut edges are fully protected from the weather to give this product the same life expectancy as the steel privacy fence you erect it on.


Product Specification

Please download our GramLat® 3D Lattice™ Flyer.

GramLat® 3D Lattice™


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