SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet


The Original SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet was designed and engineered to:

  • Give both you and your neighbour the best side as
  • “The GOOD side is BOTH sides”
  • Be functional
  • Look stylish
  • Have character (shadowing)


SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet is the first Sawtooth/Zig-Zag profile ever produced in the WORLD for the Steel Privacy Fencing Industry, and was GramLine’s first venture into new product development. The GramLine® Infill sheet was introduced into the market in 1996 and was registered to protect its integrity. (Australian Registered Design 121344).


It has now become such an industry benchmark that most companies have made copies in an attempt to match our innovative QUALITY Infill sheet. These copies are fixed differently and maybe inferior.

GramLine® Infill Sheet Features and Benefits:

    • The first, Original GramLine® Infill Sheet introduced in the fencing market, now an industry benchmark
    • Neighbour friendly as the “The GOOD side is BOTH sides” whilst looking stylish
    • Is the favourite with consumers & fencing installers due to the timeless and low maintenance design
    • 31 colours to choose from
    • All GramLine® Infill sheets are inkjet branded for your assurance of Quality and Confidence in product satisfaction
    • Plain English 10 year Warranty to give you peace of mind
    • 100% termite and rot resistant
    • Available in a wide range of heights, also may be stepped or racked on sloping grounds
    • Matching Gates Kits & Accessories available to neatly finish the look of your fence
    • Our GramLine® Infill sheets are made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel

SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet


The common heights of fences are 1500mm (5ft) and 1800mm (6ft). We also carry 900mm and 2100mm. For non-standard sizes, refer to the GramLine® sales team.


Standard panel widths are 2370mm from post to post for a 3 infill sheet panel design. A standard 2370mm wide panel consists the following components

      • 3 x Infill Sheets 820mm wide
      • 2 x Rails 2370mm (horizontal)
      • 2 x Channel Posts/SmartPost® (Verticals)
      • 18 x Self Drilling Screws

Material Specifications

      • GramLine® Infill Sheets are made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.
      • Double Sided Colour
      • 0.32mm base metal thickness.

Product Specification

Please download our GramLine® Installation Guide.

SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet


SPF® GramLine® Infill sheet

Complete your GramLine® fence with a range of accessories, from the Decorative Aluminium Post Balls, Plastic Double End Caps, a GramLat® 3D Lattice® Extension, Steel Plinth™ and Single/Double Kit Gates. These additional GramLine® accessories will complement and add value to the appearance of your home and surroundings.


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