Why is GRAMLINE No 1?

Gramline Benefits:

We are the Inventor not the copier

GramLine is considered to be the No.1 manufacturer and leader in Steel Privacy Fencing in Australia. Rolfen, last made by Carlray, was the first Steel Privacy Fencing System and was introduced in the mid 1970’s. Rolfen is no longer available. GramLine started manufacturing in 1984, is still going strong today and is considered to be a pioneer of the Steel Privacy Fencing market.

GramLine was the 1st to;

  • Produce the Sawtooth / ZigZag Profile (Aust. Reg. Des. 121344).
  • Put rounded corners on the Channel Posts – for safety.
  • Make the inside of the Slimline Channel Posts and Rails the same colour as the exterior.
  • Produce a high quality 3 Dimensional Lattice in Prepainted Hi-Tensile Steel.
  • Introduce a Plinth (Australian Patent No. 2004906213) for Steel Privacy Fencing .
  • Decide to keep the full Steel Privacy Fencing Colour Range – to assist our customers.
  • Introduce the Steel Privacy Fencing colour ‘Primrose’ – still the most popular Fence Colour .
  • Introduce the Steel Privacy Fencing colour ‘Black’ .
  • Emboss our brand onto the product – see our Rails and GramLine Lattice.

GramLine is constantly looking at new products, markets and ways to improve the Steel Privacy Fencing Market.

One thing you can be assured of is when you choose GramLine, you choose the No.1.

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