• All our GramLine® Rails and GramLat® 3D Lattice® are embossed with the GramLine® brand.
  • GramLine® Posts, Rails and Infill sheets are inkjet branded for full traceability.
  • Buying the GramLine® branded range ensures you are buying quality.
  • For Peace of Mind always ensure that your product is branded with the GramLine® brand-if not, send it back.



GramLine is NOT made from Colorbond steel

GramLine® is Australia’s premier Steel Privacy Fencing manufacturer and has been manufacturing Steel Privacy Fencing since 1983.
GramLine® is a stand alone proprietary brand and offers its customers peace of mind with the GramLine 10 Year Plain English Warranty.
Don’t be mislead by some opposition advertising that you may see. GramLine® is the brand to look for when you want peace of mind that the Steel Privacy Fence you are buying is a genuine Australian made product.
Just look at the facts:

  • GramLine® offers a choice of 31 modern fencing colours. This is the largest range of any Steel Privacy Fencing manufacturer in the world.
  • All branded GramLine® Steel Privacy Fencing are backed by GramLine’s Plain English 10 Year Warranty.
  • All GramLine® branded Steel Privacy Fencing is made from Quality Tested and Certified Pre-painted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.

GramLine® chooses its sources for supply very carefully as we have an enviable reputation for supplying the best Quality Steel Privacy Fence in Australia. One thing we will not do is promote our opposition.

Look for the GramLine® brand – not Colorbond



The majority of disputes between neighbours are based on boundary lines. You, as a consumer, should be aware of this and must always build your Privacy Fence on the existing fence line. If there is no fence, do not put up a new fence without consulting the homeowners involved, to draw out the fence line for you. Check the land titles if you are not sure. Make sure it is clear that you do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the boundary line.

Fencing Legislation

Each state and territory has its own Privacy Fencing Legislation, and there may be differences between states and territories. If you need to check the legislation, you can obtain a copy online, by post, or in person. Details for each state are below (in alphabetical order):

Contact Number
New South WalesDividing Fences Act 1991 Government Bookshop Goodsell Building
8-12 Chifley Square
Crns Phillip and Hunter Streets,
Sydney NSW 2001
02 9238 0950
VictoriaFence Act 1968 State Government Information
Services and Bookshop
356 Collins St,
Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 366 356
Western AustraliaFences Act Law Publisher
Ground Floor, 10 William St,
Perth WA 6000
9321 7688
Australian Capital TerritoryCommon Boundaries Act 6, Macathur House
12 Wattle St,
Lyneham ACT 2602
08 9321 7688
TasmaniaBoundary Fences Act Authority Tasmania
2 Salamanca Place
Hobart TAS 7001
South AustraliaFences Act Australia Government
Information Centre Ground Floor
77 Grenfell St
SA 5000
08 8204 2317
QueenslandDividing Fences Act 1953 Qld Government 07 3883 8700
1800 801 123 if outside of risbane
Nothern Territory Fences Act Box 1447 Darwin
NT 0801
1800 000 473


Local Fencing Regulations

Fencing regulations such as materials to be used and maximum height permitted may vary in different local, shire and regional councils. If you are in any doubt about the regulations in an area, you should contact the local, regional or shire council. Housing estates may also have specific regulations about fencing.



Transport Precautions and Requirements When Transporting Long Lengths of GramLine® Product

Australian state laws govern safe loading of vehicles and allowable overhangs for payload projecting beyond a vehicles periphery. The regulations differ slightly from state to state. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to be aware of the legal requirements that apply in their state, and to comply with the law. Safety is the responsibility of the vehicle driver. Customers should have suitable vehicles for transporting their purchased products when picking up from a GramLine® outlet.
Detailed information on the legislation is easily found via a Google search on the Internet. We are in the process of preparing a summary of data relevant to loading and transporting our products, and this will be published on this website in the near future, however regardless of the information we provide, the responsibility for safe transport of purchased products and compliance with the law rests with the driver of the laden vehicle.
Care is needed when transporting our products, especially those that overhang the vehicle or those that have a large exposed surface area. Products must be secured firmly, and the size of overhangs must comply with published legislated requirements. Flags are required at the end of overhanging loads, and the effect of the load on the driver’s site of the road must not be impeded.
Some products are flexible and should be restrained by rigid supports. Loads should be arranged so they are not caught by wind force that can build up as a vehicle takes speed. Once loaded onto a vehicle, products should not be walked on.

Liability for Transport of SmartSlat® Lengths Over 2400mm or for Transport of Long Lengths of GramLine® Product

Customers should have suitable vehicles for transporting their products purchased from a GramLine® outlet.
Care is needed when transporting our products, especially those that overhang the vehicle or those that have a large exposed surface area. Products must be secured firmly, and the size of overhangs must comply with published legislated requirements. Flags are required at the end of overhanging loads, and the effect of the load on the driver’s site of the road must not be impeded.
These precautions are especially relevant to long lengths of SmartSlat®, which by nature tend to be flexible. A rigid support is recommended when transporting lengths above 2400mm. Customers should be aware that they are responsible for their purchased products, and transport of those products to the building site.




Fence Size, Design, and Installation Responsibilities

GramLine® supplies fencing in standard sizes designed to retain their structural integrity and to perform satisfactorily in most urban and domestic situations. Excluding severe or unusual circumstances, for example, as may occur at high wind-load sites (with a maximum classification of W33, refer Australian Standard 4055), our fencing is engineered to function with integrity at our standard sizes. GramLine® SPF® Steel Privacy Fencing is designed for a maximum fence height of 1800mm and a width of 2370mm. In practical terms that means an SPF fence panel is no more than 3 sheets wide; the height includes decorative extensions, for example when the fence height is extended with GramLat® lattice.

From time to time, customers may want or require a fence that is above 1800mm height or fence panels with more than three sheets (width). In these situations the customer should obtain clearance and certification from a registered structural engineer to ensure that the fence will be safe and structurally sound. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain this advice and certification.
All GramLine® fencing should be installed correctly in accordance with guidelines, especially those covering foundations for the fence posts, and in accordance with good building practice. When fences are secured by braces or purpose-made brackets, or are fixed directly to a building, for example where a buildings wall is being used as an anchor or for support, then independent structural engineering advice and certification should be obtained. This is the responsibility of the owner, or the installation contractor.
Contractors should be aware that all houses are subject to specific wind categories, and the owner should provide the wind category for the property, or the contractor should obtain this information from their local council.

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