Swinging™ Gate Kit

Swinging™ gate kits were introduced onto the Australian market in 2010. Their innovative design has a weld free construction making them the strongest gate available on the market.


  • Uses the latest technology Swinging™ gate components.
  • Easily transported and quickly assembled on site.
  • No damage to galvanised coating of structural framework
  • Stronger than any other gate on the market.
  • Easily repaired as any damaged infill sheets can be replaced
  • No unsightly screws on top rails
  • No ugly welding visible
  • No uneven fading
  • No rusting of welded areas
  • Available in 31 colours (including a colour to match every metal roof colour).
  • Backed by the exclusive GramLine® Plain English 10 Year Warranty.
  • Patented in Australia and abroad – AU 2009210365, US 12/85740.

Comparison of Swinging™ Gate Kits Vs Welded Gate Kits and Welded Gates

Swinging™ Gate KitWelded Gate KitWelded Gates
Easily transported and quickly assembledimage001image003cross
Easily repaired as any damaged infill sheets can be replaced
Strongest gate on the marketimage011crosscross
No damage to galvanised coating of structural frameworktickcrosscross
No unsightly screwstickimage015tick
No ugly welding visibleticktickimage018
No uneven fadingticktickimage019
No hand cut rail endstickimage023tick
No rusttickimage025image027
Available in 31 colourstickticktick
Back by Gramline 10yr Warrantyticktickcross
Gramline no longer manufactures Welded gates.


With the innovation of Gramline’s Swinging™ Gate kits, larger gates are now possible to be manufactured with a gate opening up to 7.26m wide. The clever use of the infill sheet strength in combination with the strength of the framework enables our gates to achieve the highest gate strength possible, in turn making larger gate sizes available. Swinging™ gates come in a range of sizes including:

  • 2 Poster = 945mm Actual Gate Width
  • 3 Poster = 1830mm Actual Gate Width
  • 4 Poster = 2715mm Actual Gate Width
  • 5 poster = 3600mm Actual Gate Width

Custom sizes are also available.

Swinging™ Gate Kit


A 60mm square SmartStile® design provides a bolder and stronger frame for your Swinging™ Kit Gate.
Available in two standard heights 1500mm and 1800mm which are in stock. Upon request we manufacture custom size Swinging™ Gate Kit.

Material Specification

Made from Quality Tested and Certified Prepainted Hi-Tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.
SmartStiles® are 1.6mm Base Metal Thickness.

Swinging™ Gate Kit

Installation Guide


Swinging™ Gate Kit


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