“I had a Gramline fence installed 6 months ago and wanted my back fence to match it exactly. The contractor purchased my 16m of fencing in Lysaght products instead of Gramline.

I was upset that nothing matched the Gramline side that I liked, the rails were round, the posts were too big and the sheets were not the same profile. I tried to return the product to Lysaght and they told me NO, so I called Gramline and made a deal with the owner and he has helped me out big time.

Now my fence is exactly the way I want it.”

Ray Stephen, Thornleigh NSW, 14 Sept 2016

Tools – Core Drill
“Had it 3 years, drilled 500 holes with it, still perfect you just need to know how to use it, that’s all! And it’s got a clutch.”

Louis Ander, Caj Landscaping, Carlingford, NSW

SmartPost® Fence Posts

” With the Old Style posts, and those from other suppliers, when you put a screw in the top and then one into the bottom you often find the damn thing moves around and the two posts aren’t parallel. By comparison, the SmartPost is beautiful to put together. I was sticking with the Old Style posts. One day Gram didn’t have them in stock so I tried the new one and now I wouldn’t use anything else. I would never go back to the old post.”

Maurie Myers, Helensburgh Fencing, Falls Creek, NSW.

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