GramLine® has Largest Colour Range

At GramLine® we have the largest colour range in steel fencing, with 31 colours to choose from. Click here to view our SPF Colour Range
We carry a large amount level of prepainted steel fencing stock so you can be assured of the widest choice and the best service available! The wide range of accessories available at GramLine® includes our exclusive prepainted steel plinth, called SteelPlinth™ to dress up and beautify your steel fence. Other products exclusive to GramLine, include the highest quality steel lattice on the Australian market, known as GramLat® 3 dimensional lattice. Our ultra strong Swinging™ Gates are unmatched for their long life and smooth operation. Come in and see our fence extension posts and much more.
Unique products only available at GramLine® include:

  • GramLat® 3D Lattice™, – the only prepainted steel 3 dimensional lattice with its neat lines and strong sleek rolled edges. It simply exudes quality and great looks.
  • Steel plinth™- finishes your fence at ground level. They match the pre-painted finish of your GramLine® prepainted steel fence.
  • Swinging™ Gates – have no unsightly welded joints so they can’t crack or rust where welding could weaken the underlying metal.
  • SmartPost® – high strength fence posts have a unique self-alignment groove along the back wall – they have a modern line and are quicker to install.

GramLine® is No 1 for Service

We carry high levels of stock at all of our GramLine® branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth so you get the product you want when you want it!
With many regional outlets backed by our primary service centers GramLine® products can be delivered anywhere across Australia. 

Only GramLine® still provides the original prepainted steel colours going back to 1984. BlueScope Steel (the manufacturer of Colorbond steel) wanted to delete the original colours from their colour range.
Without GramLine® the following colours would not be available today:

  • Autumn Red
  • Bowral Brown
  • Picton Green
  • Off white
  • Weathered Copper

When you call us, you’ll speak to real people instead of pressing numbers. If by some chance the GramLine® staff doesn’t meet all your fencing desires, you have the option of asking to speak with the owner, Ron Mann, who has been in the steel fencing business since 1977. Your call will be returned.

We don’t only sell fences. GramLine now also sells Roofing and Rainwater goods, Water-tanks and Garden Sheds.

If we don’t sell it, we will make every effort to help you find it, even if it is from our opposition.

GramLine® has the Best Quality

Since 1983, the year GramLine® began manufacturing roll formed steel fencing, it has been our belief that the use of stringent quality control measures and procedures would be one of the key factors that would set us apart from all the other fencing manufacturers.

In our constant pursuit to produce the highest quality prepainted boundary fence products, we have learnt that once our high standards are achieved they must be rigorously controlled. As an example, in June 1996 GramLine® designed and launched the GramLine® Sawtooth/Zigzag profile fence sheet, which was the first purpose built fencing sheet on the market. With its unique shape and look, it was an instant success.
One of the sheets key features was the way it fitted into the panels and the way the sheets overlapped with a consistent and superior join (overlap). Due to our continued and meticulous quality control standards, our customers are assured it fits the same way every time.
GramLine’s philosophy starts from the very first part of any manufacturing process, through to the customer’s orders being packed and delivered or supplied.
Our team of designers and engineers specifically design, engineer and build all of our plant and machinery on our site at Smithfield, Sydney. This ensures that the highest quality control can be achieved through the entire manufacturing process.
GramLine’s quality control system is constantly evolving and is one of the main reasons that GramLine® fencing remains the clear market leader in Australia for superior quality fencing products, design innovation of new products and customer service.
We brand GramLine® products and we inkjet print a code that gives complete traceability right back through the manufacturing process. We believe that in this regard we are unique in the Australian prepainted steel fence market.


“With over 14,000 kilometers already installed around Australian homes, we must be doing something right”

High Performance Paint for our Steel Fence Range

GramLine® have upgraded the paint finish used for our premium steel privacy fencing to equal that specified and used on roofing. This is because roofing is a more demanding application for prepainted steel finishes because a roof is exposed to higher levels of harsh UV radiation compared to a fence. Our use of roofing grade prepainted steel finish gives you absolute peace of mind about the quality of the finish on your GramLine® Steel Fence.

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